The Embedded Engine

Supercharge your application with process and decision capabilities by embedding a process engine.

  Posted 19 December 2021
  bpm and architecture

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More Things I've Noticed

Some more things I have noticed…

  Posted 29 April 2021
  misc and noticed

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A Screen for a Task, A Task for a Screen

Dedicated task screens will make your process solutions easier to create and maintain and more flexible to manage. And they’ll offer a better user experience.

  Posted 31 August 2020
  bpm and architecture

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There is No Execution Model

You will have abstractions. You will have different models for the same process. But there is no ‘execution model’.

  Posted 09 September 2019

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The Value of Intent

Define the intent of the process you are implementing. It will help you with design decisions.

  Posted 25 April 2018
  agile and bpm

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