More Things I’ve Noticed

It’s been a while since the last post in this series, but it’s back! Here are more things I’ve noticed.

  • When you’re travelling (remember those days?), your phone’s battery will deplete much quicker than on a normal day, even one where you were also moving about quite a bit.

  • Some people seem to insist on using good morning or good afternoon in asynchronous, timezone-crossing communications. Do they not realise it just looks silly?

  • If a place offers free WiFi, with or without a login, you’re normally better off going with 4G. "But it has such a huge latency!" Said someone who hasn’t been staring at a WiFi connection that drops out continuously and has higher latency than a dial up modem. Jeez 😜

  • When you’re in a 10+ people online meeting, it’s not necessary for everybody to say goodbye after unmuting, then clicking leave. Over 20 it just gets crazy. Once you get up to a remote meeting with 100 people feeling the need to say "Thanks, goodbye.", it’s a comical 60 seconds to stick around for, but not really good use of your time.

  • Companies that quote their "own name" or tagline. That’s just strange when you’re trying to make a statement!

  • Whenever somebody pulls out in front of you to overtaken, be sure it’s one of those people who slows down to overtake and speeds up afterwards so you can’t pass them.

  • Why on Earth would it take "up to 5 business days" to process an unsubscribe from an e-mail list?!?

  • There are many websites that are clearly set up based on product IDs, catalogue numbers, manufacturer codes, etc. That is not an issue. The problem is when you actually attempt to search the site based on these things (to get an exact match) and there are no results.

  • Vacuum cleaner cords are not designed for the user. First, they keep rolling up when using the machine, but once you’re done, you’ll find yourself on all fours, hand feeding that thing into a non receptive cavity.

  • Why does nearly every web based training and survey advertise they will take X amount of time, when just watching/reading the content in direct succession costs multitudes of X?

  • Does nobody notice the utter irony in people calling for cancelling of others because they are not as woke on diversity as they think they themselves are? That’s like saying "You can be diverse, but if you’re not the kind of diverse I like, you should go away."

  • I want to pop something into the oven. There are two vital pieces of information I require for this: the temperature the oven should be on and how long it should be in there. Why is this not the most prominently and easily identifiable piece of information on the packaging? Okay, maybe a close second behind what’s inside :)