Things I’ve Noticed

Here are some things I’ve noticed.

  • There’s money to be saved at the hairdresser’s place. They sit you down to wash your hair and then wait for at least 20 seconds for the water to heat as the tap runs. Considering the amount of hair washing they do during a day, surely it would be worth it to have hot water near immediately? Not to mention the environmental impact.

  • Every time Apple live streams an event I see people having get-togethers to watch, live blogging it, etc., but I can never even get the stupid stream to work. On a Mac. With Safari. Although watching it after the fact in Europe makes the "Good Morning" more appropriate this way.

  • A lot of people seem to complete the phrase "I wish I could…​" with "…​fly". Can you imagine the mayhem if all of them could? Have you seen people drive cars? Yikes.

  • It seems that the way I use it, Evernote could just as well have been a folder of Markdown files in a Bittorrent Sync folder. Maybe generate something readable with Jekyll. Which would make it private too. Hmmm.

  • I find myself realising more and more often: "I used to know that. In highschool." Which, most times, is followed by: "Meh."

  • Inputting pretty much any text on an iPad sucks. The keyboard is, somehow, unusable to me. Let alone trying to correct anything with that ridiculous tap and hold gesture. Oh, which also applies to Android. Different gesture. Still sucks.

  • People who design packaging obviously don’t try to open them themselves. They should be required, by law. Then they would find out how badly they botched it. After cutting three fingers, overstretching a wrist and twisting their ankle while desperately looking for a hammer in the basement.

  • The one time a year a paper tissue ends up in the washing machine, it’s always when you’re washing dark clothes.