A Screen for a Task, A Task for a Screen

Dedicated task screens will make your process solutions easier to create and maintain and more flexible to manage. And they’ll offer a better user experience.

  Posted 31 August 2020
  bpm and architecture

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There is No Execution Model

You will have abstractions. You will have different models for the same process. But there is no ‘execution model’.

  Posted 09 September 2019

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The Value of Intent

Define the intent of the process you are implementing. It will help you with design decisions.

  Posted 25 April 2018
  agile and bpm

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On the Road Again

How international are our roads anyway?

  Posted 07 August 2017

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This Engineer Doesn't Despise Agile

Agile working is not without its own problems. That doesn’t mean that engineers necessarily dislike it for what it offers.

  Posted 16 May 2016
  agile and tech

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